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Often the fur traders goods appear to be simple everyday items of less value than the furs being traded for, but remember to the Native American and Angle trappers the trade goods were items only available from the trader while furs were as common to them as glass beads in the city. Traders supplied what could not be locally obtained.
One man invaluable at any Rendezvous was the Blacksmith. This skilled worker of iron made everything from horse shoes to camp irons to axes or wagon wheels or anything else made of iron. 

More of the Blacksmith
One major difference between a rendezvous actually held in the 1840's and a reenactment held in the 1990's is that primitive items would not have been for sale, the people would have made them themselves. These bow's are not the slick recurve plastic laminated bow's of the modern era, they are instead made the old way by hand. You would be shocked at how strong some of these old bow's are.
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